Lubricants for the production of drivetrain components

The engine is the central unit of a vehicle. However, in addition to the engine, the clutch, gearbox, drive shaft and axle differentials are also required to set the vehicle in motion. The sum of these components forms the powertrain. The demands on the powertrain are subject to rapid dynamics. While e-mobility is becoming increasingly popular, traditional combustion engines are subject to a constant process of improvement, for example with regard toCO2 limits and fuel consumption. In order to do justice to developments in the powertrain sector, the focus is no longer exclusively on individual components, but on the entire system.

Zeller+Gmelin has a broad product range to meet the increasing requirements. Our portfolio includes products for machining individual engine components through to their calibration. As far as forming is concerned, we also have lubricants for conventional deep drawing – such as for the production of exhaust gas pots – as well as products for massive forming. Of course, we also have the right products for cleaning and preservation.

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