Car Body

Car Body

Products for the manufacture of car bodies

The Car Body business unit deals with lubricants for the manufacture of car bodies. Our many years of expertise in the field of car bodies focuses primarily on the forming of body parts in the press shop. Our outstanding R&D team knows exactly which aspects need to be taken into account during development: in addition to the general requirements along the process chain of car body production, which are always in focus, such as tribology, material compatibility, adhesive and cathodic dip coating compatibility with the aim of reducing quantities and environmental compatibility, the diverse, OEM-specific requirements of each process must also be taken into account. This results in tailor-made products for the press shop, which are used to manufacture the part of the vehicle that is visible first and foremost: the body.

Zeller+Gmelin also supplies the right process-specific products to prepare the coils for the pressing plant for the upstream process step of coil lubrication in the steel or aluminum plant, which is the focus of the Steel + Aluminium business unit.

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