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Other products round off our portfolio of lubricants for machine tools.

Lubricants for machine tools

In addition to machining media, we offer a wide range of other lubricants to provide your machine tool with all-round care.

Guideway and slideway lubrication
In order to fully ensure the precision of modern machine tools, it is necessary to guarantee perfect compatibility between cooling lubricants and slideway oils or EP fluid greases.

Coolants for high-performance spindles
Thanks to optimum heat dissipation, the coolant ensures a constantly low temperature and thus guarantees maximum process reliability.

Transmission and hydraulic oils
Under the Divinol brand, Zeller+Gmelin offers you high-quality transmission and hydraulic oils that are specially designed to meet the requirements of modern machines and maintain their performance, precision and availability.


For optimum cleaning of your parts, Zeller+Gmelin offers a wide range of cleaners for pre- and post-treatment. We have product solutions for all common materials and cleaning systems and can also offer you individual product developments for your process-specific requirements.

Divinol cleaner

From aqueous to solvent-based cleaners - we have the right, customized solution for you.


Under our brand name Divinol, we develop and produce high-quality branded lubricating greases "Made in Germany" for a wide range of applications in various sectors and industries.
Our customers around the world trust the high quality of our lubricating greases and Zeller+Gmelin as a development partner for new lubricating grease solutions