Sustainability with the PLUS!

Sustainability is a central component of our corporate management. For us, this means creating added value, a "PLUS", on an economic, ecological and social level. This includes the conscientious use of resources and responsibility towards future generations, as well as the continuous development of innovative products that reduce the burden on the environment and improve our customers' processes.

We act in a socially and ecologically responsible manner for the benefit of people, the environment and society!

This is why we are also committed to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which extend to the year 2030 and are intended to promote sustainable development worldwide.

Sustainability strategy until 2030

We are already contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and have developed various solutions.
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Climate-neutral location

Since January 2020, Zeller+Gmelin has been the first chemical company in Baden-Württemberg to call itself a "climate-neutral site". All products are produced and delivered in a climate-neutral manner - true to the motto "Climate-neutral development, production and management!"
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Sustainable products

Our research and development departments are constantly working on innovative solutions that reduce the impact on the environment and improve our customers' processes. The environmental compatibility of our products is constantly being optimized by our product development specialists in compliance with environmental laws, regulations and the CO2 footprint.
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Sustainability policy for suppliers

The Zeller+Gmelin Group is committed to sustainability as an integral part of its corporate management and calls on suppliers to respect and pass on the principles of responsible behavior in economic, ecological and social terms.
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Innovation and company award 2021

In July 2021, Zeller+Gmelin received the Innovation and Company Award 2021 for two innovative products: an LED-curing printing ink series for food packaging and the Divinol Aqua Chain Fluid.

By developing the low-migration UVALUX U581 LED offset ink series, Zeller+Gmelin has succeeded in developing an environmentally conscious and resource-saving printing ink that offers both economic and ecological benefits.

Divinol Aqua Chain Fluid is a water-based chainsaw fluid for chainsaws. The use of harmless raw materials reduces both the strain on workers and the impact on the environment.

The two award-winning innovations and their development history are presented in two great videos with lots of background information.

Best practice energy management (2020)

Together with Umwelttechnik BW, Zeller+Gmelin produced a video on energy management and climate neutrality at the end of 2020. Umwelttechnik BW is a partner in the EU INNOVEAS project. The project aims to make small and medium-sized companies aware of the benefits of energy audits and energy management.

In addition, SMEs are shown best-practice examples of how they too can contribute to climate protection with well thought-out energy and climate management. Zeller+Gmelin stands here as a best-practice example for the chemical industry cluster. Via INNOVEAS, the film will be broadcast not only throughout Germany, but also throughout Europe.