UV-LED Offset

The modern UV-LED offset ink series for commercial applications

LED technology has developed into a true alternative solution in the field of radiation curing! Our printing inks are highly reactive systems which, thanks to their formulation, do not require any kind of volatile raw materials. This makes our printing inks solvent-free and emission-free!

LED technology also completely eliminates the need for mercury vapor lamps. This means that you no longer have any mercury in your production process and are therefore protecting the environment. By using a specific wavelength when using LED spotlights, no ozone is produced on the machine, the heat input is reduced to a minimum and no critical UV-C radiation is emitted. This makes our LED ink solutions a user and environmentally friendly system!


  • No ozone formation
  • mercury-free technology
  • No critical UV-C radiation
  • Minimal heat input
  • Low energy requirement

UVALUX LED U540 Commercial

The modern LED offset ink series for commercials and packaging

  • Outstanding printing performance
  • Highest printing speed
  • High color intensity
  • High scratch and abrasion resistance Area of application: non-food packaging, non-food labels


The stable UV LED ink series for waterless offset printing

Waterless offset printing is often used for the production of labels and packaging on various substrates. Special printing plates are used here, which differ significantly from water-based offset printing.

The waterless offset printing plates have an ink-repellent silicone layer on the surface, which has a low surface tension. The underlying layer accepts color and is therefore a printing component. This keeps the dot gain extremely low and there are no fluctuations during the entire printing process. These properties are enhanced by Toracur W580 and lead to a high-quality print result. Toracur W580 can be easily cured with all types of UV, whether LED-UV, UV-Hg or H-UV.

  • DualCure: Universal drying with UV-Hg and UV-LED
  • Outstanding printing performance
  • High color intensity
  • High scratch and abrasion resistance
  • Areas of application: Non-food packaging, non-food labels, mailings, forms/commercials


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