Conventional metal decorating

Conventional drying ink systems

We offer you a new generation of conventionally drying printing inks for a wide range of metal printing applications.

The new series is suitable for printing on coated and uncoated metal substrates in form printing and sheet-fed offset. In addition to its suitability for direct printing on aluminum tubes and monobloc aerosol cans, it is also suitable for the production of metal packaging in sheet-fed offset.


  • Monobloc aerosol cans
  • Aluminum tubes
  • 2-part cans and 3-part cans
  • Food cans
  • Technical containers
  • Crown caps and closures
  • Twist-off lid
  • 3-part aerosol cans
  • Long caps


Conventionally drying premium ink series

The new generation of the conventionally drying METALDRY O30 series is formulated without mineral oil and PFOA/PFAS/PTFE, is color-intensive, flexible and very low-yellowing. No skin forms on the ink, neither in the ink duct or can nor on the rollers, not even after long press downtimes. Naturally, it has all the fastness properties required for metal decorating.

The good ink transfer in the machine produces a high-gloss, flexible ink film with very good mechanical and chemical resistance and excellent thermoforming properties.


  • formulated without mineral oil and PFOA/PFAS/PTFE
  • Low yellowing
  • No skin formation in can or ink duct
  • Excellent formability and thermoforming properties
  • Light fastness at least 6 (DIN 16525)
  • Hot sterilizable at 131 °C/30 min.
  • Resistant to solvent mixtures (DIN 16524)
  • Resistant to silver lacquers
  • Rapid drying (approx. 7 min. at 170 °C)
  • Temperature resistant at least 180 °C/10 min.
  • Very high color intensity
  • Very good adhesion to painted and unpainted substrates+ Very good scratch resistance

Opaque white

Opaque white systems play an important role in metal decorating. We currently have 3 standard opaque white types in our program for our METALDRY O30 series:

  • Unembellished white for mixing
  • violet tinted, for clear lacquered sheet metal+ blue tinted, for gold lacquered sheet metal
  • blue tinted, for gold-painted sheet metal