Textol TS ISO 46

Item no:
  • Semi-synthetic high-performance oil based on hydrogen-treated paraffinic base oils of the highest purity
  • Excellent lubricating effect
  • High wear and corrosion protection
  • Vibration and noise damping
  • Excellent oxidation resistance
  • favorable viscosity-temperature behavior
  • No gumming and deposits on the mesh-forming elements
  • Machine temperatures are lowered
  • prevents the occurrence of so-called seizures, even at peak temperatures
  • washes out well
  • free from heavy metals and APEO
  • Compatibility with electronic control elements (needle selectors)
  • set to prevent run-off
  • free from ingredients of animal origin


Product details


Textol TS ISO 46 fulfills all requirements according to DIN 62 136-1 for mineral oil-based needle and sinker lubricating oils.

Approved additive verified by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, complies with GOTS Standard 6.0.



Textol TS ISO 46 is a needle and sinker oil for sock and flat knitting machines with high
thermal and mechanical stress.

Due to its high viscosity index, the product is less subject to temperature-related viscosity fluctuations. This ensures easy starting when the machine is cold and reliable lubrication even at higher operating temperatures.

The synthetic content reduces the frictional forces in the machine and lowers the temperature, which helps to extend needle and sinker service life.

Textol TS ISO 46 is suitable for all types of oiler systems.


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