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EURAPID O3 Ink Series

Art-Nr.: EURAPID O3 Farbserie

With the EURAPID O3 Ink Series we present a series for conventional sheetfed printing and body printing on coated and uncoated metals. The ink series is low-yellowing and formulated without mineral oil. It is characterised by its excellent formability and deep-drawing properties as well as the reduced skin formation in the can or duct.

Product Details

Technical Data

Drying/Curing Conventional Oil Based
Substrate Metal Coated - Metal Uncoated - Aluminium - Metal Coated
Printing Process Offset Sheet-Fed - Letterpress - Indirect Letterpress
Formulation Formulated without mineral oil - BPA-NI
Press Performance Fast Drying (170°C/10min.) - Reduced skin formation in the can or duct
Surface Properties Glossy - Low Yellowing - Flexible Ink Film - Temperature Resistant until 180°C/10min. - Light Resitance At Least 6
Further Processing Overvarnishing - Forming - Deep Drawing - Beading - Sterilising (131°C/30min, 121°C/60min)
Application 2 Piece Cans - 3 Piece Cans - Aluminium Tubes - Monoblock Aerosol Cans - Screw Caps - Crown Corks - Long Caps
End Application Food - Chemicals - Automotive
Market Metal Decoration
Conformities Nestlé, Guidance Note on Packaging Inks (10/2018) - Switzerland, 817.023.21
Availlable Systems 4 Colour Process - PANTONE® Base Colours - Z Base Colours
Mixing Lists Basis PANTONE® Base Colours - Z Base Colours