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  • Divinol Kaltreiniger U 522

    Multipurpose cleaner

    Art-Nr.: 05220

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  • Divinol Aluplex 2

    Aluminium complex soap grease NLGI 2 for lubricating highly charged sliding and roller bearings at a temperature range of -25°C up to +150°C.

    • high mechanical load capacity
    • water resistant
    • classification KP 2 N-20 as per DIN 51 825
    • classification ISO-L-ISO-L-XBDHB 2 as per
      ISO/DIS 6743-9

    Art-Nr.: 06560

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  • Divinol Gerätereiniger Forte

    Multipurpose cleaner

    Art-Nr.: 12300

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  • Divinol Lithogrease 2 B
    High temperature grease for longtime lubrication of truck hub units in commercial vehicles

    Art-Nr.: 21711

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  • Divinol Kupferpaste

    Thermally and mechanically stressable copper paste up to +1100 ° C

    Art-Nr.: 21740

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  • Divinol Profi Lube MP

    High-tech maintenance spray for professional use

    Art-Nr.: 22540 LK

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  • Divinol Multi-Fluid

    Multipurpose maintenance and servicing fluid

    Art-Nr.: 22530

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  • Divinol Mehrzweckfett 2
    Multi-purpose grease based on lithium soap for broad range of applications

    Art-Nr.: 22971

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  • Divinol Konservierungswachs

    High quality corrosion protection oil

    Art-Nr.: 2321_DKW

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  • Divinol Profi Lube HHS

    High performance, adhesive spray

    Art-Nr.: 23360 LK

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  • Divinol Fett Top 2003
    Semi-synthetic grease based on calcium soap grease with extra-ordinary stability against water-washout and superior adhesion behaviour

    Art-Nr.: 23980

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  • Divinol Fett CaX 2
    High temperature calcium complex soap grease

    Art-Nr.: 24730

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  • Divinol Sprühöl

    Spraying oil for corrosion protection

    Art-Nr.: 31080

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  • Divinol Profi Lube KWS

    High quality corrosion protection spray

    Art-Nr.: 33210 LK

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  • Divinol Spezial-Rasenmäheröl HD 30
    High-performance oil for lawn mowers with 4-stroke engine

    Art-Nr.: 48330

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  • Divinol Rasenmäheröl Spezial 10W-30
    High-performance oil with multi-grade characteristics for lawn mowers with 4-stroke engine

    Art-Nr.: 48350

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  • Divinol Spezial 2000 HD 40

    HD Monograde oil SAE 40

    Art-Nr.: 49440

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  • Divinol Spezial 2000 HD 50

    HD Monograde oil SAE 50

    Art-Nr.: 49453

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  • Divinol Öl-Ex 82

    New multipurpose oil and chemical absorbing agent

    Art-Nr.: 67482

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  • Divinol Sprühöl graphitiert

    Mineral oil spray oil with graphite

    Art-Nr.: 80800

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