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Engine Oils Two-Wheelers

  • Divinol Bike Racer 4T 10W-40

    Premium Multigrade oil SAE 10W-40 with JASO MA2 / wet clutch transmission

    Art-Nr.: 49550

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  • Divinol Bike Heavy 4T 20W-50

    Mineral motor oil for heavy motors corresponding JASO MA / wet clutch transmission

    Art-Nr.: 49631

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  • Divinol Bike Racer 4T 5W-40

    High quality motor bike oil corresponding JASO MA2 / wet clutch transmisson

    Art-Nr.: 49521

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  • Divinol Bike Pro 4T 10W-60

    Racing motor oil for JASO MA2 / wet clutch transmission

    Art-Nr.: 49391

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  • Divinol Zweitakt√∂l FF

    Semisynthetic two stroke motor oil with integrated fuel stabilizer

    Art-Nr.: 26150

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  • Divinol Synthetic 2T
    Premium Twostroke oil, miscible up to 1: 100

    Art-Nr.: 49490

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  • Divinol Bike Solid 4T 10W-30

    HC synthesis motor oil corresponding JASO MB

    Art-Nr.: 49161

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