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Cooling Lubricant

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  • Multicut Super 40

    Equivalent to Multicut Super 10 but viscosity
    38 mm²/s/40°C.

    Art-Nr.: 08351

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  • Multicut Super 20

    Equivalent to Multicut Super 10 but viscosity
    20 mm²/s/40°C.

    Art-Nr.: 09551

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  • Multicut Tibo 20

    Equivalent to Multicut Tibo 10 but viscosity
    20 mm²/s/40°C.

    Art-Nr.: 09520

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  • Multicut Grind 8
    High performance grinding oil based on mineral oil

    Art-Nr.: 20230

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  • Zubora 30 Extra
    Boron and amine-free cooling lubricant with polar additives for difficult metal cutting operations. Excellent for aluminium and non-ferrous metals.

    Art-Nr.: 21620

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  • Multicut Micro SP 51
    High performance lubricant for MQL working of steel and aluminium

    Art-Nr.: 21500

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  • Multicut Basic 32

    Equivalent to Multicut Basic 10 but viscosity
    32 mm²/s/40°C.

    Art-Nr.: 22110

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  • Multicut Basic 46

    Equivalent to Multicut Basic 10 but viscosity
    46 mm²/s/40°C.

    Art-Nr.: 22120

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  • Multicut FU 19
    Water-clear dielectric for electrical discharge machining

    Art-Nr.: 22660

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  • Zubora 15 H Plus
    Formaldehyde free, universally applicable cooling lubricant for up to moderately difficult metal cutting operations. Also well suited for grinding.

    Art-Nr.: 23500

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  • Multicut Honogrind 8

    Mainly used for grinding and honing of steel, cast iron and aluminium, it is preferably used with CBN and diamond grinding wheels.


    • non water-miscible machining oil
    • on the basis of highly refined mineral oils
    • with phosphorous EP additives
    • contains synthetic fatty components
    • free of chlorine and zinc
    • low tendency to cause mist
    • corresponds to the requirements of the negative lists known to us

    Art-Nr.: 24180

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  • Multicut Ultra 10
    High-alloyed neat cutting oil for difficult operations on difficult materials

    Art-Nr.: 24840

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  • Multicut Ultra 15

    Equivalent to Multicut Ultra 10 but viscosity
    15 mm²/s/40°C.

    Art-Nr.: 25730

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  • Multicut Ultra 20

    High-alloyed neat cutting oil for difficult operations on difficult materials - viscosity: 20 mm²/s/40°C

    Art-Nr.: 25720

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  • Multicut Micro SP 25

    Especially developed for use by 1-channel system in the field of micro spraying technology. Due to especially selected components, the product shows only low evaporation and low tendency to cause mist. The synthetic basic oil depolymerises between 280°C and 360°C and does not leave any crack residues. Due to its high additivation, this product is especially suited for machining of high strength steels and aluminium. For machining of non-ferrous heavy metals, it is only suitable to a limited extent. Therefore, application devices should not be equipped with any copper lines.


    • non-water-miscible metal working oil for the micro spraying technology
    • on synthetic base
    • with derivatized and synthetic fatty components
    • contains sulphurous additives


    Art-Nr.: 26230

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  • Multicut HSC 10
    High performance cutting oil for all kind of materials with new additive generation

    Art-Nr.: 26420

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  • Multicut Super 10
    Reliable neat cutting oil for working of steel, cast iron and aluminium

    Art-Nr.: 26240

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  • Zubora THG
    Fully synthetic, water-soluble, boron- and amine-free cooling lubricant
    for the grinding of hard metals

    Art-Nr.: 26920

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  • Multicut Grind HSG 9

    High-performance grinding oil for high-speed grinding, based on new innovative additive combinations. It is excellent suitable for different machining operations as circular or profile grinding with usual types of grinding wheels as CBN- or diamond grinding wheels. Special additives offer high pressure absorption capacity, reliable wear protection as well as achievement of high surface qualities. Due to a special refined base liquid it shows a very low tendency to cause mist and evaporation and at the same time it is stable against oxidation and ageing. The light colour allows a good observation of the machining processes. The product provides good heat dissipation and offers excellent air release characteristics.


    • high-performance grinding oil for high-speed grinding (HSG)
    • on the basis of a high quality base liquid with low tendency to cause mist and evaporation
    • contains synthetic fatty components
    • with phosphorous and sulphurous EP additives
    • oxidation and ageing stability
    • free of chlorine and zinc

    Art-Nr.: 27130

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  • Multicut Ultra 7

    Due to special high-performance additives this product is especially suitable for deep-hole drilling operations with
    a diameter


    • non-water-miscible, low viscous high-performance cutting oil
    • based on mineral oils low in aromatics and mist formation
    • contains native and synthetic fatty components
    • with anti-oil mist additives
    • with sulphur and zinc-containing additives
    • free of chlorine
    • excellent lubricating performance

    Art-Nr.: 26950

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