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  • Divinol Asphalt Plus WMB
    Water-miscible bitumen and asphalt release agent, also usable as release agent for wooden pallets  for production of concrete blocks.

    Art-Nr.: 94270

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  • Divinol Asphalt WMB
    Non-labelled, water-miscible release agent on the basis of renewable raw materials for the bitumen and asphalt industry

    Art-Nr.: 09480

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  • Divinol Asphalt AE
    Water-soluble and pasty separating agent for wooden buckets with hot asphalt also suited for asphalt finisher

    Art-Nr.: 12040

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  • Divinol Asphalt MP
    Easily biodegredable, water-miscible separating agent for polymer modified and whisper asphalt also for asphalt mixer

    Art-Nr.: 27430

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  • Divinol Asphalt WM Premium
    Concentrate for producing of a stable release agent emulsion based on renewable raw material for hot and poured asphalt for asphalt finisher and asphalt mixer

    Art-Nr.: 32400

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  • Divinol Asphalt NW
    Ready to user asphalt separating agent for a wide area of application

    Art-Nr.: 31970

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