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Zubora - Water-miscible cooling lubricants

Our water-miscible cooling lubricants fulfil the highest standards in the metal cutting area and provide compelling contributions for a more efficient, cost effective and environmentally-friendly production.

Boron and free of formaldehyde release agents, water-miscible cooling lubricants

In the development of new cooling lubricants for metal cutting, we focus on meeting both the current and the future requirements for chemical legislation as well as ensuring optimum economic efficiency.

Our boron and free of formaldehyde release agents Zubora cooling lubricants offer efficient and sustainable solutions for the metal cutting area. Zubora cooling lubricants can be used for a wide range of materials and processes. The processing of highly sensitive aluminium alloys, non-ferrous metals and corrosion-sensitive nodular cast iron is also possible without any problems. Additionally, you can sovereignly master even heavy machining operations such as deep-hole drilling, reaming and tapping with the proper cooling lubricant selection.

To profit from our water-miscible cooling lubricants:

  • Wide range of water-miscible high-performance cooling lubricants at the latest state of the art
  • Cooling lubricants for virtually all materials and machining operations
  • Special products for difficult machining operations which as spaces, deep hole drilling and threading work
  • Optimised foam behaviour through the coordination of different water hardness
  • Excellent lubrication performance
  • Outstanding wear and corrosion protection
  • Long service life thanks to high innovative concept




Zubora® cooling water-miscible lubricants meet the highest requirements in metal cutting and contribute to more efficient and environmentally friendly production processes.