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Industrial cleaners and maintenance products, for machinery and systems

Zeller + Gmelin offers a comprehensive product range for system and machinery maintenance, system care and protection, and for industrial cleaning and maintenance. Our cleaner program offers the right solution for every requirement. All industrial maintenance and cleaning products deliver rapid cleaning results and optimal surface protection, allowing also safe use without any special protective devices or explosion protection mechanisms.

Effectively clean, maintain, and protect systems and machinery

During operation, industry systems are exposed to - at times significant - contamination or corrosion due to media processed. Thus, systems must be cleaned frequently to ensure reliably and continued operation. To shorten cleaning times, we have designed an extensive care and protection program, which facilitates the cleaning of industrial systems, reducing downtimes and cleaning efforts. Further, special cleaners ensure faster repair times and shorter system downtimes.

System and machine maintenance

  • Industry cleaners for system and machinery cleaning
  • Paint removers for removing paint from equipment and floors
  • System cleaners to clean piping / heat exchangers
  • Bath conditioning agents to prevent slime and algae growth
  • Splitting agents and flocculants for water treatment

System maintenance and protection

  • Non-stick coatings, strippable paints, and cabin fats for contamination protection
  • Corrosion protection products
  • Odour control to avoid unpleasant odours in water and channels
  • Descaling and rust removal agents

Industrial cleaning and maintenance

Highly concentrated, alkaline cleaner for removing persistent dirt, polymer coatings and wax films.

Maintenance cleaner:
Mild alkaline to neutral all-purpose cleaner for gentle cleaning of all water-resistant surfaces.

Acid cleaner:
Cleaner for removing acid-soluble contaminants such as scale, rust, urine scale, cement residue, etc.

Care products:
Highly concentrated and cost-effective polymer and wax dispersions for permanent coating of all water-resistant floor surfaces. These products leave a durable protective film.