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Comprehensive service for optimal printing processes and printing quality

As a global partner for printing inks and coatings, Zeller+Gmelin supports you with an international service network and a team of experienced professionals to optimize the quality of your print products and reduce process costs. With our comprehensive range of services, from comprehensive advice and support in the Technical Service Center to focused color management and the provision of monopigmented color mixing systems to analytical services for printing inks, raw materials and print products, no questions remain unanswered.

Technical Service Center for printing inks

The Technical Service Center of Zeller+Gmelin supports you in the printing inks and coatings area with any questions on the usage of our radiation curing printing inks and coatings.

Colour management and colorimetry

Our experienced service team in the area of printing inks and varnishes guarantees optimal advice and support for all aspects of colour mixing and colour management.

The analytical service for printing inks

Zeller+Gmelin's analytical service supports the printing inks and coatings division with comprehensive analyses for the development of low-migration inks, raw material controls and internal testing of test samples.