Sponsoring + Commitment

Although we think and act globally, we feel particularly committed to the Eislingen/Fils location. This is where Zeller+Gmelin has successfully developed in its more than 150-year history – this is our home. It is therefore part of our self-image to give back part of our success. We regularly support local initiatives in the areas of sport, social affairs and culture.


Frisch Auf Göppingen – Handball Bundesliga

We have been supporting the handball club FRISCH AUF! Göppingen. We expanded our commitment in this year’s 2023/2024 handball season. Zeller+Gmelin has been the new B sponsor of the traditional club since the current season. For the coming season, Zeller+Gmelin will have television-relevant advertising space on the hall floor right next to the goals. We are also involved in other advertising services for FRISCH AUF! Göppingen present.

Stuttgart Rebels – Ice Hockey Oberliga (3rd league)

The Stuttgart Rebels are the ice hockey team of the Stuttgarter Eishockey-Club e.V. The home of the Rebels is the Eiswelt Stuttgart on the Waldau under the television tower.

Professional field hockey is back in Stuttgart for the first time in 17 years. The Stuttgart Rebels were promoted to the Oberliga (3rd division) last season. The squad was adapted accordingly for this task and strengthened by players with DEL2 experience. Over the next few years, the Rebels want to develop into another pillar of top-class sport in Stuttgart and establish themselves in the long term.

We support them in this.

Social commitment

Good deeds

Zeller+Gmelin supports the NWZ (Neue Württembergische Zeitung) charity campaign “Good Deeds” for social projects in the district of Göppingen. The NWZ’s “Good Deeds” are a success story. Since 1974, more than five million euros in donations have been passed on to needy people in the district and to social associations and organizations.

Cultural commitment

Filseck Castle Summer Festival

The summer festival is the cultural highlight of various music events at Filseck Castle. A particular concern is to give young musicians from the region the opportunity to perform alongside well-known and established artists. This festival has quickly established itself in the Göppingen district and beyond, attracting an increasing number of visitors to the castle year after year.

Staufer Festival

The Staufer Festival stands for authentic art and cultural formats that you can touch and identify with, true to the motto: “By people from the region, for people from the region” – and has been doing so for over 15 years.

Internationally active professionals from the world of opera and theater work together with amateurs from the region to create professional musical theater at the highest artistic level.


The summer event in Eislingen. For years, the Filstalrock Festival in the heart of Eislingen – and thus in our immediate neighborhood – has been a permanent fixture in the event calendar! Every Thursday during the summer vacation, various tribute bands present the best classic rock, pop and oldies. The castle park with the library in the background provides a great backdrop and a pleasant atmosphere.