In the Woodpanel business unit, we offer you a large portfolio of different solutions for your process. Our high-quality solutions are tailored to the different
challenges of the individual wood-based materials and their gluing systems.
Products from Zeller+Gmelin accompany the entire process of wood-based material production, from felling the tree, transporting the logs, shredding the logs to manufacturing the wood-based material. In addition to our Multiboard release agents, we also develop and manufacture water-miscible cooling lubricants, industrial oils, high-temperature lubricants, gear and hydraulic oils for commercial vehicles, greases and lubricants for forestry applications.

We supply you with the appropriate high-performance lubricants for your demanding applications. We will be happy to advise you on site to help you select the optimum lubricant for your individual requirements and, if necessary, to develop it.

We provide you with everything from a single source

  • Release agent for the production of wood-based materials
  • High-temperature chain oils
  • Transmission and hydraulic oils
  • Water-miscible cooling lubricants
  • Lubricating greases
  • Saw chain oils
  • Engine oils

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Application devices

The release agents from Zeller+Gmelin have proven themselves in the production of wood-based materials and…

Divinol lubricating greases

High-quality lubricants for a wide range of applications

Gear, hydraulic and machine oils

High-quality industrial oils for a wide range of applications

High-temperature chain oils

Roller chains and bending bars of the press systems

Lubricants for forestry applications

Lubricants for agriculture and forestry

Release agents for the wood-based materials industry

Release agent for the production of wood-based materials

Water-miscible cooling lubricants

Cooling lubricants for the highest demands