Divinol lubricating greases

High-quality lubricants for a wide range of applications

The tribology of consistent lubricating greases differs considerably from that of liquid lubricants. Zeller+Gmelin recognized this many years ago and has specifically adapted to the special requirements. In our "Research & Development" department, a dedicated team deals exclusively with all issues relating to lubricating greases. All the experience gained is then used to develop new products. Zeller+Gmelin masters all important thickening technologies and is at the same time able to develop specialized products for specific applications and in cooperation with our customers.

Our Divinol lubricating greases offer you advantages:

  • High-quality lubricating greases
  • Extensive product portfolio for different requirements and applications
  • Many years of experience in the development and production of lubricating greases
  • Development of customized products in close cooperation with the industry
  • Consideration of current chemical legislation
  • Rapid collaboration on lubrication-related problems and new challenges

Product examples

  • Divinol Grease L 3
  • Divinol Grease CaX 2
  • Divinol Multitherm 2
  • Divinol Ecogrease LC 2 EP
  • Divinol Synthogrease 1