Aluminum wire tension

Drawing agent for aluminum and aluminum alloys.

The production of aluminum wires is carried out with water-miscible drawing agent concentrates in addition to non-water-miscible drawing oils. The products are each very sophisticated to ensure the best lubrication performance for long tool life.

In addition to classic mineral oil-based products, our portfolio also includes fully synthetic drawing agents, whose higher performance enables longer drawing tool service lives and better surface finishes. The improved viscosity-temperature behavior ensures faster drawing speeds at a low drawing agent temperature.


  • Multidraw ALM 250
  • Multidraw ALM 120
  • Multidraw ALF 60
  • Multidraw ALF 20
  • Multidraw ALF 5
  • Multidraw ALG 40
  • Multidraw ALG 12+ Multidraw ALG 3


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