High-performance lubricants for the wire industry

In the WIRE business unit, we offer you a wide range of different solutions for the production of wires.

Our products are specialized and tailor-made lubricant solutions that can be precisely adapted to the respective requirements of our customers. Our customers’ wires are used in a wide variety of industries and applications. From the automobile, to electronics, to the transmission of electrical energy, the food industry, aviation and medical technology. We are the specialists when it comes to developing lubricants for demanding production processes. Our high-quality solutions are tailored to the various challenges of the wire industry. Our lubricants accompany the entire value chain, from casting rolling to coarse drawing and ultra-fine drawing. In addition to our drawing lubricants, we also develop and manufacture industrial oils, gear and hydraulic oils and lubricating greases.

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Copper casting rollers

Optimum lubrication, both on the roll stands and the numerous other lubrication points.

Copper wire tension

Drawing agent for copper and copper alloys.

Aluminum wire tension

Drawing agent for aluminum and aluminum alloys.

Steel wire hoist

Lubricants for the production of fine steel wires in wet drawing.


High-performance drawing agent for steel cord and hose reinforcement wires.