Rinsing media

For a perfect painting result

We offer you liquid cleaning concentrates for application and mixing equipment when using water-based and solvent-based paints for low-foaming and cost-efficient cleaning.

We use proven test methods to select the optimum rinsing solvent for your requirements and our experts support you in the use of our products. Our rinsing solvents are ideal for use in paint preparation stations, paint mixing tanks, high-speed rotary bells, compressed air atomizers and ring lines for plastic painters, OEMs, suppliers and contract painters, among others.


  • Low VOC & VOC-free rinsing solvents
  • Low application concentrations
  • Shorter flushing times
  • Low foam
  • Cost-efficient in downstream processes

Optimal rinsing solvents

Divinol HPT Cleaner for hydro lacquers

Divinol HPT Cleaners are powerful rinsing solvents for hydro paints and offer a considerably more effective cleaning action than conventional rinsing solvents. With the VOC-free or low-VOC rinsing solvents, you can shorten the rinsing times of your paint application technology and reduce the application concentration at the same time.

Divinol SPT Cleaner for solvent-based paints

Divinol SPT Cleaners are rinsing solvents for special solvent-based paint applications. Divinol SPT Cleaner are ready-to-use products.


  • Divinol HPT Cleaner
  • Divinol SPT Cleaner