PCH Coating

PCH Coating

Process chemistry for brilliant performance

Customized products and processes for industrial painting systems.

The Coating division stands for process-specific products in the coating process that have been developed with sustainability and cost-effectiveness in mind. Whether water treatment, surface treatment, rinsing solvents or maintenance, care and servicing – we create customized products and processes for your painting system.


Chemical products for painting systems

  • Paint coagulation, defoamer, flocculant

Surface treatment, parts cleaning

  • Aqueous and solvent-based metal and plastic parts cleaners, phosphating agents

Rinsing solvent

  • Cleaning of high-rotation bells & compressed air atomizers

Maintenance, care and servicing

  • Protective coatings in painting systems, industrial and system cleaners for system and machine cleaning

Information material

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Animation paint coagulation

Animation Powerwash

Animation SPT Cleaner-Recycling

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Powerwash system

Saving energy in power washing systems

Coagulant + defoamer

Let your system breathe a sigh of relief


Cleaner + drain aids

Rinsing media

For a perfect painting result