Automotive Aftersales

Automotive Aftersales

Lubricants for cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers

Zeller+Gmelin offers you a wide range of Divinol high-performance lubricants for cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers – from engine oils, transmission oils, hydraulic oils and additives to greases for maintenance and servicing.

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Divinol lubricants for the automotive sector are high-quality products that have been specially developed to meet the requirements of modern vehicles to maintain their performance.

The top quality of our Divinol lubricants is guaranteed by DIN 9001 and DIN 140001 certifications and OEM approvals from well-known manufacturers.

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Our Divinol oil guide will help you find the right engine and transmission oil for your vehicle!

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Our complete Divinol program in digital form
Our premium additives in the
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Lubricants for maintenance and servicing

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