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We bring color to the world!

Printing inks and varnishes for a wide range of applications

Radiation-curing printing systems have been a specialty of our research and development since 1970. Our high-quality printing inks and coatings for labels, molded products, metal printing, commercials, conventional packaging, food packaging (low-migration printing inks and coatings) and digital printing impress with their reliable premium quality. Today, we are one of the world's leading suppliers of radiation-curing printing inks and coatings and use them to skillfully showcase brands and packaging.

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We skillfully set the scene.

It is not for nothing that renowned branded companies all over the world trust us.
A fact that makes our printing inks a loyal companion in your everyday life
from the supermarket to the dining table at home.
Whether labels, yogurt pots, plastic buckets, tubes, folding boxes,
mailings, metal packaging and industrial applications – analog or digitally printed: you get the best solution here. Especially in the sensitive area of food packaging, we impress with reliable premium quality.

We are aware of our enormous responsibility. That is why our own analytical center is irreplaceable for us – and a real advantage for you. All raw materials and components used in our modern development laboratories are tested there. The finished paints are then analyzed with regard to ingredients and migration. This ensures that they meet the strictest quality requirements on a wide variety of materials.
That’s why you should trust Zeller+Gmelin when it comes to first-class printing results and safety.